A fast-growing market, a vast area with endless opportunities. We will guide you step by step to realize your business idea in a country of extraordinary beauty.

Start a new company

Analysis and feasibility study

We analyse the Market segment, define the target and the guidelines.


We give shape to the project: identifying the the intervention, we look for local partners and define the adequate strategy.

Documentation and bureaucracy

Offices, documents and bureaucracy… We’ll solve the less interesting phase of the project.

Start-up e consolidation.

Obiettivo raggiunto, si parte. Una nuova realtà nasce, l’idea è concretizzata e una buona attività di consolidamento è fondamentale per ottenere i migliori risultati.

Sell a product

Analysis and feasibility study

A good product is always well appreciated abroad, we just need how and where offer it…

Local contact

We contact the local importers interested in your product and we evaluate the potentiality of the commercial dealings

Product promotion

We define the adequate marketing strategies for launching your product in the local market.

Positioning and selling

The product is ready for conquer the Brazilian market!

The Network

A specialised network over all the brasilian territory with a specific focus on the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s business core, and of Bahia now in rapid growth.

Important legal practices

The best legal practices will give you the right support

Transport and logistics companies

Integrated logistics, expert hands will manage your goods

Accounting consultants

Expert consultants on the territory can administrate with you your company

Import and export

You can entrust your trade to our import-export network

Marketing agencies

Planning of the adequate strategies and targeted operations for incrementing your business

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